A few words from members at a recent Exclusive Coaching Program session


Exclusive Coaching Program Testimonials

Every serious producer should consider joining the Exclusive Coaching Program.

With over $400 million in managed assets, Rob has leveraged the Exclusive Coaching Program to create one of the most successful practices in California.

Your program is worth every penny. Count on me as a lifetime MDP member!

Since joining the Exclusive Coaching Program, Matt has consistently attracted $15-20 million in new managed assets annually. Prior to joining, his growth was limited to $2-5 million every year.

I saw real results in my first year! It’s hard to express exactly what the program encompasses! This is the best investment ever!

Julia’s average new AUM was $5 million per year. After joining the Exclusive Coaching Program, she is now bringing in over $14 million in new assets per year.

Joining the Exclusive Coaching Program is the best decision I ever made. Continuing in 2014 was an easy decision for me!

In the last 3 years, George’s practice has grown from $1 million of annual revenue to $2.5 million.

Since joining this coaching program in 2008, our practice has become more efficient, we have attracted more assets, and our referral flow is skyrocketing.

Ira’s practice is now attracting $11-12 million in new assets annually, doubling his asset gathering since starting the program.

The Exclusive Coaching Program made all the difference!

Erwin was able to take the processes from MDP and completely systematize her practice, allowing her to grow a successful business while providing the highest standard of client service.

As a result of joining the Exclusive Coaching Program, our clients benefit and our practice has grown substantially!

Their major goal was a 50% increase in AUM, 50% decrease in clients, and 50% of revenue taken home as income to family. As participants in the Exclusive Coaching Program, they have accomplished this goal in less than 3 years, 2 years ahead of schedule.