“The BEST organization I have been a part of!”Dean Hedeker


“My main goal was to build a practice that offered clients long-term, trusting relationships. As a former bank president, I take pride in offering clients excellent service and an enjoyable experience.  The Academy’s Exclusive Coaching Program helped me create a practice with a superior service menu that accomplishes this goal. Since joining the Exclusive Coaching Program, my revenue stream has increased over 1,000% and I have built scalable and sustainable systems to attract and service high quality clients. I now generate over $1,000,000 in recurring revenue. Without the Academy this would not have happened. Every firm that is serious about client service and growing their practice should consider partnering with the Academy!” –
Marvin Hale


“Since working with the Academy and applying the knowledge and tools they have taught me, I have grown to a seven-figure firm. A key element I learned through the Exclusive Coaching Program is becoming proactive in my client’s tax planning. I have not only helped hundreds of clients save in taxes through being proactive with the tax implications of their investments but also created a team around me to support a fast growing, multi-million dollar business. I encourage anyone who is serious about wanting to grow their practice and learn from the best in the industry to sign up for the Exclusive Coaching Program!” –
Julia Carlson


“This program provides me the opportunity to network with some of the most successful advisors in the industry. Simply amazing!
” – Mike Keeler


“The Academy’s Exclusive Coaching Program has provided me with systems to build a highly successful financial planning firm. This program has elevated my skillset and outlined how to effectively service and attract a large group of qualified clients. Like me, the Academy believes in always putting clients first and always delivering a superior experience.
Over the 15 years I have been part of the Exclusive Coaching Program, my business has grown over 700%. I would recommend this program to anyone who has or would like to have a high-level practice.” – Charles Green

“I would recommend the Exclusive Coaching Program to anyone who has a burning desire to build a big business while delivering unparalleled service to a large client base. 
I was first introduced to the Exclusive Coaching Program in 2000 by attending one of their Boot Camps. I immediately realized that they had all the systems in place for me to rapidly build my business in an ethical and efficient way.  I implemented everything I learned and built a million-dollar revenue business in less than 5 years.  I had produced over a million dollars a year for four years but I realized if I was to grow to my next level I needed more guidance.  In 2010 I signed up for the Exclusive Coaching Program. It was the best move I ever made.  In less than four years I grew from $1,000,000 of revenue to over $3,000,000.  The practical guidance and new systems put into place this year have made all the difference! Continuing with this program in 2019 is an easy decision. This is awesome!” – George Veater

“If you’re serious about growing your practice and are trying to decide if the APFA makes sense for you, stop and just move forward! A few years ago, I was in your same position. I struggled with making the commitment. All I can say is that I wish I would have started much sooner. The APFA has been a tremendous help in our efforts to grow our business and operate more efficiently.”
John Williams