The APFA member advantage…

Active members of The Academy of Preferred Financial Advisors are part of the Exclusive Coaching Program, a comprehensive training program for high-level advisors.

Academy members receive education and are kept current on new and relevant information and changes in key areas of financial planning that help clients, including:

  • Protection Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning

Clients Come First!

All members are provided the tools necessary to provide clients a first-class experience. A core value that Academy members adhere to is, “Clients come first!” Academy members understand the importance of delivering comprehensive financial services that always start and end with their clients.

Constant Education To Stay Updated on Important Issues That Affect You

To stay current on tax laws and economic issues, all Academy members are enrolled in a year-round program that features:

  • Six full days of educational sessions
  • Over 30 hours of qualified continuing education for financial professionals
  • Continuous updates on relevant tax and estate planning rules and regulations
  • Information on significant industry updates and changes; and
  • Access to a team of focused and skilled trainers and consultants
  • APFA advisors are committed to advancing their financial services education and focus on offering superior client services.

See the difference that an APFA member advisor can make for you today!

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