Newsletter Service

Are you using a newsletter to keep in touch with clients and prospects?

Is it providing information that is relevant?

Newsletters are a highly effective way to keep you in front of your best clients and prospects. In our business, they are a necessary service that you should be providing.

Think about it. If you are meeting with your clients on a regular basis and provide a quality quarterly report, you have now communicated with your clients (assuming 4 newsletters a year and 2 or 4 meetings per year) anywhere from 6 to 8 times per year. This will help you when times are tough and separates you from your competition.

Beware however, not all newsletters are alike. We found that many advisors send out generic newsletters that could have come from anyone. The Academy of Preferred Financial Advisors offers a yearly subscription that allows members to access to our compliance-approved Quarterly Economic Reports. If you are trying to establish a system of respect with your clients and prospects whereby they respect you as a resource to help them with their finances, then please consider using our newsletter.

Every quarter we provide a report that has highly useful information on the investment and economic environment. We have found that any advisor who uses this quarterly report with their clients receives high grades.


Why do our Quarterly Economic Reports work so well?


  • First, they are industry specific.

This report does not contain tips for cooking, the latest health fads, or on other generic areas which are interesting, but don’t add true value to you as a financial advisor.

We find that advisors who send out a very fluffy feel, good newsletters are many times in the prospects mind categorizing themselves not in the same league as a doctor or lawyer, but as a very common and mid- to- lower end expendable professional. On the other hand, if you are going too technical, you may find that you are satisfying your own appetite for information, but that is not what your clients are hiring you for. Our reports are balanced and provide helpful, timely and relevant information.

  • Second, this report is set up so that you can personalize it and send with your own letterhead or design.

The reports are easily formatted so that individual practices can place it on their own letterhead or design to create a truly customized report to send to their clients.

  • Third, it’s easy!

All you have to do is read the report, tailor it to your individual practice, add personal touches, send it to your compliance, and then send this newsletter out to your best, if not all, of your clients.

We post this newsletter by the 20th of the month following the quarter’s end, so therefore you know when to prepare.

You will find this letter available by January 20th, April 20th, July 20th, and October 20th for your use.

Newsletters are a very effective way for you to be in front of your clients. Based upon the feedback we get from the hundreds of advisors who are using it, our newsletter is one that is extremely well received and enjoyed by all who read it.

Please call us at (866) 866-0472 for more information
or to sign up for our Quarterly Economic Update Services.