Focus on High Impact Activities to Help Grow Your Practice


Focus on High Impact Activities to Help Grow Your Practice


At a recent National Education Conference, Ken Unger discussed strategies that top advisors use to grow their practices. A key component he shared was that top producers focus on high impact activities.
Let’s look at some high impact versus low impact activities:

High Impact

Low Impact

  • Client meetings
  • Paperwork
  • Prospect meetings
  • Scanning the internet
  • Attending events
  • Planning event details
  • Approving mailings
  • Writing long reports
  • Networking
  • Over-researching investments
  • Asking for referrals
  • Panicking over an article

Top producers realize one of their most valuable commodities is their time and the best use of their time is to be meeting with clients and prospects. Scheduling appointments, paperwork such as making copies and filing, and other operational/administrative activities should be delegated to competent team members in order for the advisor to focus on the high impact activities. In addition to meeting with clients and prospects, hosting client education and appreciation events (which improve client relations and generate referrals), approving client mailings, and networking with other professionals such as attorneys and CPAs is on the top of the priority list for high level advisors.
Staying focused on these activities will help your practice flourish. Members of the Academy are provided detailed instruction and guidance on how to achieve this level of focus and take their practice to the next level. For more information about how the Academy of Preferred Financial Advisors can help you and your practice, please email or call us at (866) 866-0472.