Are you looking to grow your practice?

Today’s volatile environment provides a great opportunity. 



Many investors are nervous or concerned about investing in today’s volatile environment and that concern provides opportunity.  As the Academy emphasizes, confusion and uncertainty create an ideal opportunity for the best practices and currently, the investing public is very confused.

Now is a prime time for a financial advisor to dramatically expand their business by embracing some extra focus and marketing.


First and foremost, you must be exceptional.  Today’s top financial advisors know exactly what their client’s value most and which of those valued services they can deliver better than anyone else in their marketplace.  This knowledge revolutionizes a firm.  It is the switch that, once flicked, sets in motion rapid and sustainable growth.

Why is this so important?

When you have a repeatable, clear and specific client-driven focus that is effectively communicated and understood by everyone in your practice it creates momentum and direction.  This momentum and direction solidifies your existing business and when properly fueled, creates a pipeline of potential clients in your marketplace. If you precisely and clearly define for prospects the specific values they can expect from your firm, then you can generate an exceptional amount of new business in today’s volatile environment.


Here are four steps that can help you create your strategy for growing in a volatile market environment.


Step 1:  Identify which of your clients are most essential to your practice.

Step 2:  Identify what your most desired clients deeply value.

Step 3:  Develop a laser-like focus.

Step 4:  Create a practice-wide obsession to generate results.


The Moment of Truth: Ask Yourself –

  • What are the advantages that you are actually offering clients?
  • What are your clients truly coming to you for?
  • What other types of value-added services can you provide to existing clients?
  • How can you get your existing clients excited enough to recommend others? 
  • How can you best grow your business?


Your goal should be to communicate the specific services you provide not only to your existing clients but to your community to help them understand why they should do business with you. 

Right now, people need help and the opportunity is there for you to step in and service a considerable amount of new business. 


The main question is – are you ready?


Are you ready to take your practice to the next level?

The Academy of Preferred Financial Advisors can help take you there. Through our Exclusive Coaching Program, we provide members with real-world, time-tested solutions of active and thriving financial advisory practices.

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