Are You a Casualty or a Survivor During Times of Crisis?

The last few months have been challenging for everyone. Our physical health and wellness have become paramount with new and increased health precautions. Social distancing, sheltering-in-place, working from home, and wearing masks in public have become the “new norm”.

Our financial well being has also become a prominent source of concern. Statistics showing that nearly every state is experiencing historic levels of unemployment, retirement portfolios being adversely affected by equity market volatility, and the instability of small and large businesses alike, have set a tone of confusion, anxiety, and panic.

Financial advisors have found themselves front and center stage.

Like most of the business world, most financial advisors are having to “learn as you go,” adapting to the changes required or necessary to keep up with the “new norm” standards. Figuring out how to work remotely with staff and team members while maintaining a high standard of client service, communication and connection became a key objective.

For many,  the abrupt course diversion, and the urgency to make changes, created a chaotic and frustrating situation. Many found themselves  lacking the guidance and knowledge to make the proper adjustments. Others saw the opportunity to hone their leadership skills and rose to the occasion.

How have you reacted? How have you perceived yourself – as a casualty of this crisis or a strong survivor?

Perception is reality and this choice will determine whether you and your business will thrive, become stagnant, or decline.  If you have felt yourself falling into the “casualty” mentality, it is time to take a moment to regroup, reorganize your thought process and reset your path. Rather than allowing circumstances to make your path for you, how about you take control and decide your own path toward success? Academy members know this has not been the time to sit back and let the world go by. This has been a time to take action, stay strong and emerge in a better spot. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

How can I strategically adjust to the “new norm” of conducting business?

How can I view these challenging times as an opportunity for personal and business growth?

How can I take this time to prove and reinforce my value to clients and prospects?

Financial professionals have had to think outside the box and create new avenues, venues, and systems to continue or even accelerate their client services.

Our Exclusive Coaching Program members know they can look to us to help them and their entire team to successfully navigate difficult times. Academy members have been busy consistently communicating and staying connected with their clients during these rough times. Through your “classic” form of printed newsletters and articles, to timely and important emails, to online conferencing and virtual client events, Academy members have the confidence and satisfaction of knowing they are providing the highest level of service and care to their clients.

Remember, your emotions will dictate your attitude, and your clients are looking to you for confidence and positivity. That is not to say that you should sugarcoat the situation, but rather, you should be providing sound, cautious and well-educated guidance and service.  You are pivotal figure that your clients have entrusted to be the stewards of their wealth.

Also remember, storms do not last forever. What will remain is the impression you leave on your clients and how you weathered that storm with them and for them.

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