Consistent and Meaningful Communication – A Superpower for Top Advisors

Consistent and meaningful communication with clients and prospects is a crucial component of any successful business. The financial advisory industry is no exception. Most financial professionals know this, but still struggle in what and how they are communicating. Sadly, most advisors are using pre-packaged messages, many times written by writers who might have great enthusiasm but have limited industry experience or nominal successful results.  For 2022 and beyond, those who take the time and effort to use or create and integrate meaningful content into their practice see their client and prospect connection accelerate and produce results.  Now, is a great time to get prepared!


First and foremost, it is important to have a clear message. Your message needs to be purposeful and not simply communication for the sake of communication. It should be pertinent to your ideal client base and timely in nature. Your message needs to represent the strengths and the expertise you possess as an advisor so you establish a connection as an expert.  You need to show you are knowledgeable and your information needs to be accurate! The last thing you want is a reader correcting you or finding inaccuracies in your information. You do not have to be overly technical on each subject, but at the same time, you don’t want to leave the recipient of your information confused.

Also, your message should be focused and direct. Please remember, your message is for informational purposes and not meant to be a substitute for someone consulting directly with an educated professional for solutions and guidance. If you have a million-dollar minimum, your message should not be about how to best rebound from heavy debt. Your message needs to resonate with your audience.

When finalizing your what, considering these three “C’s” can help you develop or evaluate a well-thought-out message: Clear, Correct, and Cogent.


Once you have determined what you want to communicate, the next critical decision to make is how will you be delivering that message. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has forced financial and other professionals to reevaluate their methods of communicating. Top advisors at the Academy of Preferred Financial Advisors are currently experiencing great success using a multi-touch strategy that includes; email,  first-class mail, online, and other internet platforms. They realize that all clients do not take in information the same way. Some are tech-savvy and prefer opening an email or watching an online presentation like a Loom video. Others are more likely to read a report or article if it is in front of them on paper. Knowing your clients and their specific preferences can help you determine their preferred method of delivery. Regardless of the delivery method, top advisors understand that all their communication needs to be consistent, especially in our current environment.

Chad Smith, CFP, like many other Academy members, has added several large new multi-million-dollar clients by sharing the Academy’s private labeled tax report along with links to him presenting the accompanying online presentation.  He shared with us that, “adding value and demonstrating expertise has always helped me grow.  COVID-19 changed some of my delivery strategies, but my results are still strong!”  Sharpening your skills and developing an effective system for your communication will always build better client relationships and leave a positive impression on potential new clients. Our recent mid-year survey found that Academy of Preferred Financial Advisor members have been working conscientiously and are increasing client satisfaction through consistently communicating with meaningful newsletters, special reports, timely emails, virtual meetings, and webinars. Academy members are experiencing superior success and consistent and meaningful communications are a key driver of this.  Academy members are continuously reporting that they receive countless notes of appreciation. Times have changed and will again, but the superpower of consistent and meaningful communication still reigns supreme.  If you’d like to learn more about how the Academy can help you and your practice, please call us at (866) 866 0472 or visit our site at


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