Is Your Referral System Attracting Qualified Prospects?

Are you tired of attracting the wrong type of prospects for your practice?

All advisors want great clients, but many are not attracting “qualified” prospects.

When you start to take a closer look at what advisors are using as tools and strategies for prospecting, it’s really not surprising to see that most advisors are attracting unqualified prospects. If you use low-end strategies, you are going to attract lower tier prospects.

Every advisor would love to have a magic button on their desk that they can push that pops out a qualified prospect!  Sounds incredible, but it’s time for a reality check. That is not going to happen! 

Many legendary athletic coaches are quoted as saying, “Hope and prayer are not a strategy!” This holds true for financial advisors when they set out to attract qualified prospects. Advisors should be confident they are going to attract qualified prospects. They should not question if their strategy is going to work.  Unfortunately, confidence alone will not bring in qualified leads. You need a plan!

This is where The Academy of Preferred Financial Advisors has helped our members succeed! We work with each of our members and their team to identify what appeals to their best clients and then provide proven strategies and tools necessary to add qualified individuals to their prospecting lists.

When you set out to expand your preferred client list, it’s important to identify exactly what defines that preferred client. For most advisors, this client typically has a healthy amount of investable wealth.  This type of client is also looking for someone who offers tax planning strategies, (tax planning – not tax preparation) and wealth transfer ideas. This is a prospect who needs a skilled wealth planner. It’s important that when you are prospecting this type of client, that you use tools and information that would be of interest to them to catch their attention.  You need to be specific and not generic in your approach!

Do you offer the services qualified prospects want? Do you have a way to clearly communicate what you do and how you are able to help? At the Academy of Preferred Financial Advisors, we help our members clearly communicate their value proposition and how they are different from ANY other advisor a prospect has worked with before. Are you the best skilled person they have ever sat with? We can help elevate your approach of sharing how YOU are that advisor!

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