Do You Have a “Delegation” List?

Most advisors have a “To Do” list, but not a “Delegation” list.

Do you have a “Delegation” list?

When most people plan their day, they more than likely have a “to do” list. This list contains specific tasks that are unique and essential to the success of that particular day, week, month or even possibly year. For a financial advisor, this list could include:

  1. Conducting an initial client interview.
  2. Holding a closing meeting with a prospect.
  3. Solidifying marketing for the next quarter.
  4. Proactively reviewing client situations and current financial markets.

I’m sure you would agree that most successful advisors wear many hats.  When you look at the myriad of responsibilities top advisors have, it is not surprising to conclude that they have difficulty letting go of many “to do” list items. This is where a “delegation” list can be helpful.  A delegation list is the “secret sauce” to efficiently run a flourishing financial practice.   

Let’s face it, many high-level executives suffer from perfectionism and financial advisors are no exception. This is completely understandable because financial advisors are surrounded by numbers and data that leave little room for error. Many of the best financial advisors are successful because they tend to think in a linear mindset. However, life doesn’t move in a straight line. So, how can you adapt to the turns and curves to efficiently maximize your output?

The answer lies in catching and questioning yourself. You need to start asking yourself, “Do I really need to be doing this task? Is this task ‘essential’ for me to work on, or even for the success of my practice? Is it a needle mover? Is this something that requires my skillset or can I give this to a team member?” These questions are important and necessary and need to be answered honestly.

Once you begin to adapt to this new mindset, your next step needs to be actionable. For example, if you find yourself at the copy machine, catch yourself and ask, “Is this the best use of my skillset to make copies or can someone on my team help me with this?” If the answer is “no”, it is time to delegate that task to a team member.

Please remember – almost all operational and non-revenue producing tasks should be considered for delegation! These tasks are where you can begin to populate your delegation list.  An efficiency exercise that many of the most efficient top producers have found useful is to keep a timecard for one week, as if they were going to bill someone for their time.  When you perform this exercise, be specific about what you’re doing and make sure to track your time on a 15-minute interval. After the sample week ends, review what you did and consider how much your time is worth per hour. How much money and time did you lose by doing tasks that could have been delegated? This alone should be a catalyst to start using a delegation list.

At the Academy of Preferred Financial Advisors, we find that the most successful and efficient advisors maximize their productivity when they are performing advisor-specific, specialized tasks (typically client and prospect interaction). We show our members not just what to do, but how to do it. The result is our members are amongst the best and most efficient advisors in the industry. We work with each individual financial practice to identify those tasks, show them how to execute those tasks, and then check in periodically to help them stay accountable to the process and assist them when they need it. Our mission is the success and growth of all our members!

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