Is Your Marketing Meaningful?

Are you tired of receiving an inordinate amount of meaningless junk mail and emails?

How do you think your clients and prospects feel?

Probably the same way!

At the Academy of Preferred Financial Advisors, we believe that consistent, meaningful communication is pivotal to become a top financial advisor. Although many marketing companies claim to have magical solutions, there’s really no absolute, exact science to “drip” marketing. However, there are different rates of success. Drip marketing has become the elusive method to attract clients and prospects.

Most advisors are more worried about the number of prospects that they are going to attract for their marketing dollars and are not as focused on the message they are sending out.

Let’s reverse roles.

You be a prospect reading this:

Happy Groundhog’s Day! If you’ve been hibernating and have not repositioned your portfolio come on in and see us.  We can help your portfolio see daylight. 

Here’s another classic.

Happy Halloween! If you’re scared about the market call us. We can help make your portfolio safer.  

Do you really think this works?

No plot twist here – this was a failure to communicate who you are and how you can help. It was a serious waste of marketing opportunity.

At the Academy, we help each of our members develop a consistent system of meaningful communications that create respect for you from clients and prospects.

In addition, sending someone a long-winded letter on why it’s important to pick the right advisor is screaming “self-serving.” Why not send a detailed letter summarizing what has happened at the end of the financial quarter referencing specific events and how they impacted the financial markets? Why not send a report that discusses recent tax law changes and shares how investors can respond to help them be best positioned?  Those are the type of meaningful communication pieces that are worthy of someone’s time to actually read. They also send a message to clients and prospects that says: this person is knowledgeable and skilled to help.

Communications that are timely and share helpful strategies are the standard hallmarks of Academy members’ client and prospect marketing calendars.  Because their communications are meaningful and share information important to the reader, they get results!

If you want to solidify your client relationships, grow your prospecting list and generate more referrals with meaningful marketing materials, call us today!

To learn more about our 20th year of Exclusive Coaching and to see if our program can help you reach more efficient and higher levels, call us at (866) 866-0472 or visit

Are you ready to take your practice to the next level?

The Academy of Preferred Financial Advisors can help take you there. Through our Exclusive Coaching Program, we provide members with real-world, time-tested solutions of active and thriving financial advisory practices.

Our Commitment to you: To help you build or strengthen the systems necessary to be an elite practice.  Our motto is: “Not just what to do, but how to do it”. The Academy is committed to sharing with all members not just the theory behind these proven systems, but the implementation necessary to boost their growth, increase client retention, and allow them more free time to do the things they enjoy!

From tax planning, financial planning, estate planning, and practice and business management, the Academy offers impactful, comprehensive training, covering a vast array of topics that directly impact your wealth management practice.

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